Nottingham:- Daily Contract Cleaner wanted

We run a nice little pub in Nottingham NG2 area. We are seeking a daily contract cleaner to come into our pub and fulfil the following tasks:

Toilets: Urinals cleaned and sanitized, floors mopped, toilet rolls refilled, spot clean tiled walls, polish mirrors, hand dryers and dispense machines. Clean taps and sinks.
Front of House: Hoover all flooring, mop all hard flooring, clean all mirrors and gaming machines, brasso all hand pulls, clean glass in doors, wipe all soft furniture, hoover front porch.

Monday – polish furniture.
Tuesday – polish front bar.
Wednesday – spot dust high lights, speakers, coving.
Thursday – spot dust low, including bric-a-brac picture frames and window sills.
Friday – spot clean walls.
Saturday – clean all pipework in toilets.
Sunday – Hoover and dust function room.

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We obtain copies of accreditation that our cleaners profess to have to ensure that everything is above board.
Feedback / Testimonials
We regularly randomly call our Clients to obtain feedback about our cleaners to ensure they meet our high Levels of Customer Service. Cleaners Performances are regularly reviewed.